No one can define the happiness of juggling with numbers more than I do. I choose this field coz I make my work a reflection of my worth.  For almost two years now being Rightkey Solutions’ Company Accountant is a collection of ambition.  I specialized in general accounting.  Preserving confidentiality among clients and staff.  My target is to maximize profitability and help this company attain its ultimate goal, going global.  I can foretell easily when something is wrong or is going to be wrong.  I am good at effectively conveying our statements with higher analytical, logical, and critical thinking abilities.  I have my own ethical standards to gain the faith of others. I don’t do mark-to-market accounting coz for me it is like a crack. I only fear stagnancy.  

My imagination is my preview of life’s coming attractions.  I try to challenge it…achieve it.  For me, perseverance is the hard work we do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.  Life must be balanced.  I live in the present doing what I can do best to produce excellent output. Enjoying my job at Rightkey, I love to stay long-term to see how far our company can go.

Juliet Pangilinan