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Using Backlinks for Higher Rankings

Google and other search engines use certain factors to rank pages and sites. If you want to rank high in the search page results, then you must have these factors in check. One of the most important factors is backlinks. With the right backlinks, you can boost your rankings significantly.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from or to other websites. Once there is a link on another website leading to your website, this is known as a backlink. When someone links to your site then they send you what is known as ‘link juice’. Ideally, backlinks help to tell a search engine what your content is about. They also help to signal search engine that you actually have quality content. For a long time it did not matter what type of backlink you had. Your website and pages ranked highly based on the amount of backlinks you got. However, Google, through the Penguin algorithm, has since curbed this menace and streamlined the process of using backlinks to boost ranking.

Advantages of Backlinks

Once you have backlinks, they can be beneficial to your page and website in the following ways:

  • Faster indexing: Backlinks encourage bots to visit and scour your site. By hastening this process, the backlinks allow you to be indexed on search engines
  • Referral traffic: With backlinks, visitors are sent to your site and this generates traffic for your site. You have more people visiting the site which is a boost in the traffic
  • Organic ranking: Backlinks allow you to enjoy organic ranking. The more the backlinks from different related sites, the higher you will rank organically in search engine results

How to Get Backlinks

It is also important to know how to get quality backlinks. In this day and age, you cannot afford to increase the number of backlinks without focusing on the quality of those backlinks. High quality backlinks are those that come from related sites which also have similar content to what you have to offer on your site. If you end up with unrelated backlinks, the search engine sees your site as spammy and this will hurt your domain credibility.

How then do you get quality backlinks?

  • Submit to web directories: One of the sure ways of getting backlinks is to submit to web directories. This is simple and straightforward with little chances of getting weak links.
  • Comment: Visit other web pages and websites and leave a comment. The no-follow links do not pass over link juice. However, you can comment appropriately and leave a link to your site. Having standard and automatic commenting is a terrible idea as Google will mark your site as spammy and weaken your domain credibility.
  1. Write good content: The secret to high quality backlinks is to generate high quality, well-researched, targeted content. with great content, people will automatically link to your website without the need to pay for links


Backlinks are an integral part of search engine optimization. With the information about their importance and how you can get quality backlinks from authority sites, you can create a better and more effective backlink strategy for your website.Learn more