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Marketing Tips & Tricks for Personal Injury Law Firms

In the United States it can cost a personal injury attorney $400 or so every time someone searches for the “personal injury lawyer” and clicks their ad on Google.

19 of the top 25 most expensive keywords on Google are searches related to personal injury law firms.

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But these numbers are nothing compared to running an ad on television or a billboard or the newspaper!

It’s an extremely competitive industry, thus the extremely high prices it can cost for just one click to a legal website

Here are some Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyer Law Firms

1.) Forget ROI – Set “Cost Per Case” Goals

While “Cost per click” and “cost per lead” are all good, what really matters to you – the lawyer – is “Cost per Case”. Whats the average $ you have been spending in the past to acquire a client/ to retain a case.

Once you determine this (and you can just look into your past accounting and finding out how much you had spent on advertising), you can then work on bringing this cost lower and lower over time.

2.) Track, Track, Track

Now that you have a target Cost per Case, it’s time to make sure you are tracking every lead you can – from your website submissions , from organic search in Google, from phone calls etc..

3.) Is your website mobile friendly?

More than 50% of all searches are from a mobile device. To double-check that your site is mobile ready, go to this URL to make sure you have Google’s mobile friendly approval:          https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

4.) If using PPC/Google Ads, Use Ad Extensions to Dominate Search Results

– Sitelinks

– Call extensions

– Location extensions:

5.) Get More Google Reviews

In an industry where trust is so extremely important, Google reviews are a great way to show the world how great your business truly is. A simple reminder to clients about your appreciation of them sharing their experience on Google can be the difference between Law Firm #2 and Law Firm #3.

6.) Take Better Advantage of Ad Spend with Facebook Retargeting

To get the most out of your digital presence you need to stay in front of your audience. One of the most effective and efficient ways for doing this is retargeting on Facebook.

Retargeting is the most effective and efficient way to stay in front of your potential clients for a couple reasons:

  1. There is no one more qualified as a lead than a someone who has already visited your site, meaning they’ve shown interest in your firm in the past. Staying in front of these users can lift your website conversion rate by as much as 50% by bringing these qualified people back to the site.
  2. As mentioned above, some ad clicks for law-related searches cost as much as $950. Retargeting clicks on the other hand average about $1.35 in the legal space on Facebook. Spending a few more dollars to bring that expensive first click back increases ad spend efficiency greatly.

7.) Omni Channel Marketing

98% of businesses use only one platform (either google or FB or TV) for advertising. Just by you using YouTube, Instagram, banner ads and Linkedin you are way ahead of 98% of your competition!

Reach out  to us to learn more on how you can do this!