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Did You Spend $$ On Any Black Friday Sales? Or Did You Invest $$ On Black Friday Deals?

90% of people have bought something on Black Friday that they wanted.

They bought what they wanted – not something they truly needed!

Were you one of them? 
Did you spend $$ on any Black Friday sales? Or did you invest $$ on Black Friday Deals?

True Story
4 years ago I invested $7900 in a course. I actually took the money my wife and i had saved up for a Christmas holiday to Hawaii, and canceled that trip and invested in a new set of skills – SEO/ Ranking a website in Google!

I bought that course, and practically locked myself from Dec 20- Jan1 and learned the materials , and practiced SEO.

Why? Because I was desperate to get out my J.O.B and live a life of freedom!

60 days later I got my 1st big client ($4000 for web design and $1000/mo for SEO and in April of that year I took my family to Singapore.

Ever since then I have been fortunate to take my family on so many vacations – Australia, Sri Lanka , Canada, S Korea, Japan, and a slew of cities in US, thanks to the one investment I made 4 years ago.

I had documented my early days of making money via SEO and giving back here

Why am I telling you this?

I am sure you have spent $ on unnecessary stuff before.
When was the last time you made an intentional investment on something that you knew will chage your life?

Sure you may not have $797 right now.
But think.
If a cop pulled you over for speeding and you had to cough up $797 to escape Jail, would you come up with the amount?

Dont kid yourself.

This price wont last after sunday night.
And the 1-1 coaching wont be available either after that.

Just make the jump – you will thank yourself in 2 months when you get your first $4000 client like i did!
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My course comes with 1-1 personal coaching! That in itself is valuable since when you have a 1 hour coaching call with someone who has done what you are intending to do, you shave your learning time big time!

You literally compress Decades into Days – Like Tony Robbins says

Thats when you get the breakthrough and you see the light!

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