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Best Guideline on Optimizing Page

Many people would like to optimize their pages and websites but they do not know where to start or what to do. There is a lot of information about on-page optimization and this can be very scary, seeming like an uphill task. The following are some of the factors you should look into when considering optimization for your page.

Keyword Usage

Keywords are essential. They allow the search engine to have a rough idea of exactly what your page is about. However, using keywords randomly will not be effective. Instead, you should ensure that your keyword appears on the title and in at least one of the subtitles. If possible, the keyword should start off the title or at least be as close to the beginning as possible. In addition to this, your keyword needs to appear in the first 100 words of your content.

Keyword density is another factor. It is best to have the density at around 1-3% so that the page is not over optimized. Do not forget that this will factor into the website’s rankings as well. Heavy keyword usage sends search engines the signal that your site is spammy.

Titles and Subtitles

You should wrap your main title in h1 tag. This is the proper SEO structure and will help you rank higher. It is also important to have subheadings that are wrapped in h2, h3 and h4 tags respectively depending on the number of subheadings that you have. Wrapping your titles in the proper tags optimizes your page. While titles and subtitles help with optimization, they also help to increase the time that visitors spend on your time. A logical flow of information with appropriate sections is easy to read and internalize.


Backlinks are pivotal in SEO strategies. With the right backlinks, you can boost your rankings and optimize your page well. Backlink number is not important. Backlink quality is what is important. If you have backlinks from authority sites, then you are doing well for your page. On the other hand, it is important to avoid backlinks from spammy and sketchy sites as it will reflect badly in your link profile. This can easily lead to a penalty from search engines such as Google. Keep your backlink profile clean for higher optimization.

Use Multimedia

Instead of focusing on words only, include multimedia such as photographs and videos on your page. This is important because it diversifies your content. Visitors also stay longer on your page which generally increases the time spent on the page and the likelihood of visiting the page again. This reflects positively on search engines and leads to higher rankings as well.


These are not the only factors to be considered when you are working on optimizing your page for higher rankings. However, they are some of the basic and most important factors that you should consider. They hold considerable weight in search engine rankings and should therefore be utilized properly before you can move onto other factors.